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Enemy Aliens

During the First and Second World Wars, nationals of countries at war with Australia who were living in Australia were classed as “enemy aliens”. As soon as Italy declared war on Britain and its allies on 10th June 1940, Italian nationals … Continue reading

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“Beauty is in The Eye of The Gazer.” ― Charlotte Brontë

Gertrude Stein once said, “I have always noticed that in portraits of really great writers the mouth is always firmly closed.” Certainly that is the case with today’s subject, Charlotte Brontë.  There’s a good reason for this. We know from personal letters that … Continue reading

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Giacomo Puccini – Life Imitating Art

Originally posted on Random Phoughts:
Day 206 of Colourisation Project – November 29 Challenge: to publish daily a colourised photo that has some significance around the day of publication. If there is any doubt as to whether life imitates art,…

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Flinders St Station – Melbourne Icon

Melbourne’s iconic Flinders St Station is the one thing that has remained consistent in my lifetime of inhabiting this wonderful city and when I found this old black and white image in reasonably good condition, I naturally got the urge to … Continue reading

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New Facebook Page

I have been a little absent lately, playing over on that other platform, Facebook, where I have connected in with a whole bunch of colourists who like to share their work. There is some pretty awesome work going around with groups dedicated … Continue reading

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Look Closely

Looks can be deceptive. Photography can be deceptive. Or should I ask, “is seeing believing?” Look closely what do you see? How many horses are there in this picture? If you said one horse, you’d be wrong. Look again. There … Continue reading

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Look Down

Photographers are often reminded to diversify their camera angles by looking upwards to capture imposing perspectives of buildings or majestic canopies of trees. Whilst this is essentially a terrific suggestion especially in Melbourne, where we have many architecturally beautiful and … Continue reading

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