Look Down


Photographers are often reminded to diversify their camera angles by looking upwards to capture imposing perspectives of buildings or majestic canopies of trees. Whilst this is essentially a terrific suggestion especially in Melbourne, where we have many architecturally beautiful and interesting buildings and gardens; (the remnants of a late 19th century ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ that managed to escape modern developers wrecking balls), I’m going to suggest doing the opposite for a change.


Look what happens when you look down on a sunny day in Melbourne, more specifically in the northern suburb of Northcote, where there seems to be a proliferation of picket fences and small iron gates.




Shadow is king! Often taken for granted, we more often than not, just don’t see them when we’re out and about.




IMG_0032Shadow stained pavements.


IMG_0004Shadow stained pavements



“If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not in the light”   –Lady Gaga

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9 Responses to Look Down

  1. Great series of photos and smiled at Lady Gaga’s very appropriate quote 😀


  2. cool set of downies, and a good reminder. Love the shadows of all the fences.


    • Loredana Isabella Crupi says:

      Thanks, Fraggle! We have raindrops on the pavement today. Melbourne weather swings from one extreme to the other! 🙂


  3. Very nice set – just the kind of thing that would catch my eye too (I’m quite short so maybe that’s why I notice the ground!)


  4. Looking for shadows would never occur to me, ever. Thanks for opening my eyes!

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