Charlie Chaplin – The Little Tramp

Day 271 of Colourisation Project – February 2

Challenge: to publish daily a colourised photo that has some significance around the day of publication.

Like yesterday’s colourisation, you may not immediately recognise today’s subject without his trademark moustache.  On this day, February 2, 1914, English comic actor and filmmaker, Charlie Chaplin‘s first film, Making a Living premiered with Chaplin playing a lady-charming swindler who runs afoul of the Keystone Kops.

Charlie Chaplin

Photographer: Witzel Studios ~ Charlie Chaplin – Coloured by Loredana Crupi

Chaplin shot to fame in the silent film era becoming one of film’s first superstars, through his iconic screen persona ‘the Tramp.’

Although ‘The Little Tramp’ didn’t make an appearance until his next film, Kid Auto Races at Venice, this is one of only a couple of films in which Chaplin and the Keystone Cops both appear. ‘The Little Tramp’ grew out of the character he played in this film, in that he wears a large moustache, a top hat and baggy trousers and carries a walking cane.

The man with the toothbrush mustache, undersized bowler hat, bamboo cane, and a funny walk, became his trademark. Chaplin appeared in and directed 35 films, for Keystone Studios, starring as ‘The Little Tramp,’ the childlike, bumbling but overall good-hearted character.

One of the biggest stars of the 20th century’s silent-film era, Chaplin was also considered one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of American cinema. A perfectionist, he wrote, directed, produced, edited and composed the music for most of his films as well as starring in them. His movies which still hold universal appeal throughout the world, include, The Kid (1921), A Woman of Paris (1923), The Gold Rush (1925), and The Circus (1928), City Lights (1931), Modern Times (1936), The Great Dictator (1940),  Monsieur Verdoux (1947), Limelight (1952), A King in New York (1957) and A Countess from Hong Kong (1967).

After a career spanning more than 75 years, Charlie Chaplin died at home in 1977 after suffering a stroke in his sleep. He was 88 years old. ______________________________________________________________

“All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.”   ~  Charlie Chaplin

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