Resurrection Time

OK, just to put this photo challenge into some context for new readers to this blog, I thought I would re-blog my original post introducing the concept of colourising old photos.

It’s a topic that provokes a lot of discussion. Funny thing is if you do the reverse i.e. convert colour photos to black and white it is considered artistic and is highly regarded. I must admit that I have produced a lot of my own photographic work in black and white for dramatic effect. Yet change old black and white photos to colour and it’s “oh, you can’t do that!…it’s sacrilegious….you can’t alter history…well, guess what? I’ve now been doing it for 83 days and history hasn’t changed one iota!

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the journey….. only 282 days to go! (…what was I thinking?)

Random Phoughts

What better time to resurrect this old blog than the present time with the resurrection of some old black and white photos. I can’t turn water into wine…yet… but I can turn black and white photos into colour! I have set myself the daunting challenge of colourizing old photos that are either in the public domain or in my own private domain…one for every day of the year.

The challenge is to keep within the lines. No really, the challenge is to publish daily a photo that has some significance around the day of publication. It could be someone’s birthday or an important historical event. I have set the ball rolling with a colourization of a black and white photo taken by Philip Barraud in 1893. It’s a portrait of the famous composer Peter Tchaikovsky born in 1840 which I published via my twitter account on the 174th anniversary of his birth on the 7th of…

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