There’s No Business Like Show Business

Day 4 Colourisation Project – May 11th

There’s no business like show business and without Israel Isidore Beilin there would virtually be no show business. Widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in American history he is better known as Irving Berlin. Born on this day in 1888, he composed over 1500 songs many of which became major hits including God Save America, Alexander’s Ragtime Band and White Christmas. Interestingly, Berlin could neither read nor write music. Despite this, his amazing output forms a great part of the The Great American Songbook.

Working from an early Publicity shot of Irving Berlin taken in 1906, I did take some liberty with the wall paper to lighten the background a bit. 











For my American friends, here’s a link to Irving Berlin singing God Save America on the Ed Sullivan show in 1968. Enjoy!

Irving Berlin lived to the age of 101 years and although he has now been gone some 25 years….“The song is ended / But the melody lingers on.”

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