Geospatial Intelligence

Before we become immune to the enormity of the devastation in the images that are coming out of Japan, take a look at these before and after satellite images taken by GeoEye. Between you and I, that’s Big Brother – the world’s highest resolution satellite, providing the highest quality and most accurate satellite imagery available.  By simply moving the slider left or right, you can see the scope of the devastation by comparing the before and after shots.

The earthquake and ensuing tsunami have wreaked untold damage and loss of life in proportions very difficult to fathom, infact some say a scale of apocalyptic proportions.

Even with this amazing geospatial intelligence at our disposal, it is difficult to fathom the forces and the fury of nature. And to make matters worse for Japan and the Pacific region, this all looks to be compounded now by the hand of man with the threat of nuclear melt down.

My heart and thoughts go out to Japan and all those affected by this devastating event.

Update: Further close-up GeoEye images. Just hover your mouse over these.


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